Department of Educational Planning

With the shift of emphasis from centralised to decentralised planning, the main effort of the Department is on integration of inputs, processes and products of planning at institutional, district, state and national levels. With the onset of liberalization of the economy, the focus has also shifted to strategic, indicative rather than comprehensive planning in conventional sense. The Department conducts training programmes, and undertakes research in these areas and also provides consultation to various bodies. More...


Professor and Head

Prof. Geetha Rani

Professor (on Lien)

Dr. Santwana G. Mishra

Associate Professor

Dr. N. K. Mohanty

Assistant Professor

Dr. Suman Negi

Assistant Professor

Research Topic Researchers
Action Research on Development of District Secondary Education Plan under RMSA in Tamil Nadu
and Odisha
Prof. S.M.I.A. Zaidi
Prof. K. Biswal
Dr. N. K. Mohanty
A Spatial Perspective on the Causes and Consequences of Higher Educational Out-Migration: A
Study on Internal Migration in India
Dr. Suman Negi

Zaidi, S.M.I.A., Biswal, K., Mohanty, N. K., and Lal, A.A.C. (2012), Secondary Education: Planning and Appraisal Manual. New Delhi: NUEPA.

Zaidi, S.M.I.A., Biswal, K. and Mohanty, N. K. (2012), Statistics on Secondary Education. NUEPA, New Delhi

Zaidi, S.M.I.A.(2013), Access to Secondary Education in North Eastern States: What SEMIS Data Reveal? NUEPA Occasional Paper 43, New Delhi

S.No. Name of Research
Course Research Topic Supervisor
1. Abhaya Deep Mishra Ph.D.
‘A Study of Equity in Access and Participation in Secondary Education
in Uttar Pradesh’
Prof. S. M. I. A. Zaidi
2. Nidhi Rawat Ph.D.

A study of GIS based school Mapping for Elementary Education in India

Prof. K. Biswal
3. Anshul Saluja M.Phil. No Detention Policy and its implications for reducing wastage and
enhancing achievement level of students at primary level: A case study
of government primary schools in Faridabad District of Haryana
Dr. N. K. Mohanty
S.No. Name of Project Staff Designation Email Id.
Designation Room No. Contact No.
HOD 202 011- 26544838
PA to HOD 207 011-26544843